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Yoga in Amsterdam

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Yoga Teacher Amsterdam

Yoga Adds Energy, Strength & Beauty To Our Body

Welcome to Yoga with Anugraha! Get your body in shape & freedom of movement. We are one of the best yoga studios in Amsterdam. Anugraha conducts yoga classes that include Ashtanga Vinyasa , Yin, Mio, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga and more.


Yoga combines mental, physical, and spiritual practices that aim to control the body & mind. Anugraha starts her yoga sessions with breathing exercises that will allow students to relax their minds. Then, she focuses on other styles. If you want to feel the benefits of the world of yoga, join her classes now. 

Ashtanga Yoga Amsterdam:

Ashtanga defines an eight-limbed path, also referred to as Samadhi. Ashtanga means, “Yama-niyama-asana-pranayama-pratyahara-dharana-dyana-samadhyaya-astavangani.” (sourceYoga Sutras of Patañjali; Sutra (2.29)). The translation is; the eight limbs in Ashtanga yoga are yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi.


Ashtanga yoga provides muscle training and strengthens you physically. Anugraha has expertise in this style as she has been teaching it for years. Enjoy this traditional yoga method with Anugraha, as she is the best Yoga Teacher Amsterdam.

Learn Yin Yoga In Amsterdam with Anugraha Yin yoga is a slow-paced yoga form of exercise, and it includes the traditional Chinese medicine principles with asanas. The following yoga style originated from the Taoist tradition, strengthening connective tissues in the lower body parts. Since we are one of the best yoga studios in Amsterdam, we teach you everything from vinyasa to yin, ashtanga to restorative, mobility to a slow burn, etc. We can assure you that you will love all styles of yoga. Book Yoga In Amsterdam with Anugraha now. Anugraha Give Private Yoga Class In Amsterdam: Anugraha is a certified teacher who teaches discipline, she aims to deliverthe best yoga lessons in her yoga studio in Amsterdam. She is a very passionate and dedicated teacher; her teachings help students push their limits and perform their best. Her presence brings positive energy to the class, and you will always enjoy her yoga lessons. Start your spiritual practice to open up your hearts and know yourself better with Anugraha today. Contact Yoga With Anugraha now. Blossom the divinity inside you through our Private Yoga classes in Amsterdam. You will feel relaxed and calm after every yoga session. Anu’s sole motto is to provide her best with 100% support and zero judgment. Whether you are looking for Yin Yoga Amsterdam or Pregnancy Yoga Amsterdam, we fully support you throughout your yoga journey. To Drop your information & message, click here and book yoga classes with Anugraha.